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FittingCart is among the highest corporations within the business engaged in giving a high quality approved vary off pipe end caps fittings. FittingCart is that the known complete worldwide within the manufacture and provide of pipe fittings. We’ve an enormous stock perpetually pronto accessible for immediate dispatch. We offer nice delivery with Associate in nursing imperative dispatch for consumer emergency and different necessities. Our time interval is that the lowest within the business as a result of a prepared stock of normal things. We’ve inventories for all sizes starting from the littlest to the most important of tube fittings.
Pipe End caps fittings area unit furthermore used for connecting the pipes of various diameters. Our large array of END caps area unit offered to our customers at industry’s prevailing costs. Their major applications area unit in engineering uses and electrical industries. All our merchandise have complete marking and identification. FittingCart conjointly takes bespoke orders as per client necessities. Our firm’s merchandise bear government and personal laboratory testing before being equipped to our customers. Pipe End Caps is often utilized for making certain the tip of a pipe and different fittings, that the form is intended as per the state of the pipe line. we have a tendency to boot utilize caps to get rid of the move and therefore the association treat are often butt weld, socket weld and powerful association as indicated by use wants.

Pipe End Caps

FittingCart is manufacturer, businessperson and Pipe End Caps. Pipe End Caps fittings area unit generally sure enough understood for the foremost extreme yield and exceptional results that it provides. END Caps created utilizing predominant analysis crude materials. Pipe End Caps fittings area unit utilized for interfacing pipes of assorted breadths and realize wide applications in several chemicals, development business enterprises, and paper, bond and ship makers. END Caps are often in several shapes. A little of the regular shapes area unit subfigure, oval, square, rectangular, U form and that I form.

Properties or Options of Pipe End Caps

  • END Caps for closing the top of a pipe
  • Feminine National Pipe Taper (NPT) strings for closing male rib pipes
  • Made victimization chrome steel 316 for quality
  • Higher corrosion resistance than chrome steel 304
  • Confirms with specifications ASTM A182, ASME SA182, and ANSI B16.11 for quality assurance.
  • Caps for leak proof termination of hose
  • Connecting a feminine GHT to a male hose
  • Ductile at high temperatures
  • Low magnetic permeable ness and Corrosion resistant

Applications of Pipe End Caps

  • Air Conditions and fluid pipelines
  • Oil and fuel Gases
  • Grease applications
  • Hydraulic pipelines
  • Instrument Lines
  • Paint provide and Refrigeration applications

Quality control is that the main priority at FittingCart. beneath quality system management of ISO 9001:2000, merchandise area unit factory-made and every one merchandise area unit taken care of terribly seriously, despite however bulk the amount can be. FittingCart is packed with confidence to ensure each fitting to be of the most effective quality before delivered to its customers. At FittingCart, all fittings area unit subject to strict examination and quality tests in the slightest degree stages of the producing method, from beginning material getting to product dispatch.
They’re visually examined for conformity to ASTM, ASME, MSS, DIN, EN, and JIS codes and standards. At our requests, formally certified agencies area unit known as to witness the fabric reports, dimension and quality conformity of merchandise. Check Certificates area unit given to the manufacturer once third party examination beneath the standards: linear unit 10204/3.1B, Raw materials Certificate, 100% Radiology check report check Certificate.



Making of Pipe End Caps- the Method

We have a state of the art mill facilities access that runs at a full capability as a result of export order overload. We’ve three significant punch machines for creating seamless tees. We have a tendency to even have bend machines for elbows and instrumentation for reducer. We’ve facilities create seamless END Cap up to 8” we will make welded END Cap up to 42”. We have a tendency to even have threads in NPT, BSPT & BSPP to form solid fittings. The dye of socket weld fitting is outsourced and machining and ending is completed in house. Supplementary to it we’ve in house testing facilities like spectrum machine, PMI Machine, Mechanical check, Hardness check, inaudible Testing, hydraulics Testing, Pressure testing, and manual examination of gauge. Our production vary additionally includes flanges and fasteners that area unit thought-about piping accessories for a pipeline found out.

Packing and Cargo Details

FittingCart END Cap are packed in special and branded carton boxes and crate boxes looking on the mode of transport. Fittings are wrapped with special skinny plastic and plastic caps defend beveled Ends. They’re then packed within the carton or wood boxes. The caps for defense to the ends conjointly the threads also protect End Cap wherever applicable. It’s vital that the damages in transit are avoided and END Cap reach client within the same type because it is factory-made. Therefore we tend to place ton of stress on packing and packaging of the products.End Cap carry numerous export documents like business invoice, packing list, take a look at Reports, HS Code, Country of Origin genuine by chamber of commerce, covering Certificate, warrant Letter, and Base Material Certificates. Every heat and ton of tube fittings is furnished with a fabric take a look at certificate as per nut 10204 NACE three.1 standards indicating the chemical and mechanical properties of the tip Cap at the side of pressure rating. We tend to conjointly ensure the guarantee of the fittings equipped as per commercial instrument specifications and attest identical within the Material take a look at Certificate. We tend to conjointly welcome any third party review from place of work nominative by the client to accommodate NACE three.2 Certification if needed by client at an additional price.Free samples in chrome steel and carbons steel may be provided upon request to determine quality and ending of our fittings against confirmed receipt of commercial instrument. We are able to conjointly send photos upon request.

The production method may be divided singly for various styles of fittings

Butt Weld Fittings
Butt Weld Fittings are created mistreatment pipes as a primary staple. The fittings are created into the required form and size mistreatment numerous machines and warmth treatment if required. Followed by that the Ends are subject to beveling mistreatment CNC Machining. Sand blasting for ending of the fitting follows that. Final method involves quality testing and marking.

Socket Weld Fittings & Olets
We primarily deem outsourced services to manufacture socket weld fittings and olets owing to several dyes pronto accessible with our sub vendors. But machining takes place in house followed by ending and marking for traceability of the bottom material.

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