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One of the most commonly used pipe fittings is Tee Pipe. Its usage tee is when you want to join or separate a liquid flow. Tee pipe are available in female thread sockets, opposed solvent weld sockets and a female threaded outlet at a side. Basically, Tees have the ability to link pipes with different diameters, hence leading to change in their direction. Moreover, a varied range of tees in various sizes and materials are useful in transporting two-fluid mixtures.
In any case, where you need more than one branch of water supply, tees come handy. Presently, the sizes of Tees mostly vary at 90° from the inlet and are adjudged on the basis of their “run” (be it horizontal or straight), with side outlet at 90 degrees top off the run. Meanwhile, “bull-head” fitting is said if the run of a tee is shorter than the outlet at side.

tee pipe

FittingCart offers Tee Pipe in brass, ABS, chrome-plated, CPVC, PVC, malleable (galvanized and black) and stainless steel. Often used in pipe systems, a fitting is helpful to connect straight pipe section which adjusts to various shapes and sizes for the purpose of ensuring smooth and regular flow. However, fittings need time, money, materials and installment tools. However, Pipe Tee is a T- shaped pipe fitting which has two outlets of 90 degrees to akin to the main line. Even so just a short piece, having a lateral outlet, Pipe Tee is useful to joint pipelines and make a right angle design and used as pipe fittings. On the other hand, Fittingcart manufactures Tee’s in various materials, sizes, and finishings.




ASME B 16.9 for large bore, ASME B 16.11 for small bore

The material of Construction

Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Cast iron, Nickel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Plastic, Rubber, Polypropylene, etc.

Finishes on Pipe Tees

Pipe Tees are available in various finishes like Galvanized finish Nickel plated, Black cast, White coating, Gold finish, Electroplated etc

Key Features of Tees

  • T shape tee has three female openings.
  • Same size openings are straight pipe tees.
  • One different size opening and two other openings of two sizes are present in reducing pipe tees.
  • Waste lines use sanitary pipe tees which have curved branches which help in cleaning out the plug and further prevent obstruction of waste.
  • Four equal size female openings are there in a cross pipe tee.
    There are lugs to fasten the fitting of a wall or stud in a wing pipe tee.
  • Compression fittings are present on one or more ends in a compression pipe tee.
  • A threaded opening which is useful in conjunction with a threaded plug is present in a test pipe.

Applications of pipe tees

  • Chemical processing
  • Petroleum
  • Pulp/paper
  • Refining
  • Textile
  • Waste treatment
  • Marine
  • Utilities/power generation
  • Industrial equipment
  • Automotive
  • Gas compression and distribution industries
Types of tee’s

  • Reducing tee
    Another style of tee pipe fitting is Reducing tee that includes a branch port in shorter size than the regular ports of the run. Reducing tee may be a style of pipe fitting within which the branch port size is smaller than the ports of the run. On the other hand, this sort of pipe fitting may also take into account size reduction from one in every of the run ports to the opposite. Similar, numerous applications in various industries, the reducing tees are in many different combos of sizes and configurations. Moreover, with the exception of the quality sizes, alternative uncommon combos of size may also be earned victimization part components of tees, reducing tee and reducers.
  • Male & feminine Branch Tee
    The basic distinction between the male and feminine branch tee is that whereas the male branch tee connects with a female NPT thread, the feminine Branch tee connects halfway tubes to male NPT threads. However, these style of fittings are available inch and metric size tube and are widely available in a variety of industries.
  • Combo tee
    A combination tee (combo tee, combo wye, tee wye, long-sweep wye or combo may be a tee with a gradually curving central connecting joint: a wye and a further 1/8 bend (45°), combined in one 90° unit. Hence, it’s working in drains for a swish, gradually curving path to scale back the probability of clogs, to ease the pushing of a hand tool through a drain system and to encourage water to flow in the direction of the drain.

  • Healthful tee
    A healthful tee includes a falciform center section. In emptying systems, it’s primarily want to connect horizontal drains (including fixture lure arms) to vertical drains. Ultimately, the middle affiliation is usually to the pipe resulting in a lure (the lure arm). In fact, it should not connect a vertical drain to a horizontal drain, attributable to the probability that solids can accumulate at an all-time low of the junction and cause a blockage.
  • Baffle tee
    Also referred to as a tee with diverter baffle, a waste tee or Associate in Nursing end outlet tee, it generally connects waste lines before they enter the lure and includes a baffle to stay water from one drain from coming into the opposite at the affiliation.
  • Double healthful tee (sanitary cross)
    This fitting differs from a customary cross therein 2 of the ports have falciform inlets. Even though it’s been working in the past for connecting the drains of succeeding fixtures (such as succeeding sinks), some current codes—including the 2006 Uniform Plumbing Code within the United States—prohibit the utilization of this fitting for that purpose and need a double-fixture fitting (double combination wye) to reduce the perimeters flowing into one another.


Buying Tips- What ought to consumers contemplate for bulk purchase of pipe tees?
  • Sort of pipe tee—whether welded or seamless
  • Size and dimension
  • Wall thickness
  • Standard
  • Material of construction
  • Durability
  • Economical
  • Air mass and temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance etc.
  • Unblemished steel, steel, Cast iron, Nickel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Plastic, Rubber, plastic etc.
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