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The word “Duplex” generally means having two parts, in particular, Super Duplex Fasteners is a metal tool which technically unites two objects. However, fasteners create temporary affixes, i.e., the removal can take place without destroying the components. Next example of making permanent fixes is Welding. Stainless steel, Carbon steel, and Alloy steel are the three types of fasteners. Major grades of stainless steel include 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series. Super Duplex Fastener is an engineered steel usually preferable for its exemplary corrosion resistance and super yielding strength.
FittingCart produces Super Duplex Fasteners in various grades of the duplex and also per the customer demands. Our Duplex Grades are a mixture of combined properties of Austenite and Ferrite and have registered trade names such as Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel® and Nimonic®. FittingCart is intended to provide the best quality materials and innovative products in the industry. Moreover, FittingCart also manufactures nuts, hex bolts, and screws with standing up to the expected delivery time.

Super Duplex Fasteners

The Duplex and Super Duplex Fasteners are distinguished on the basis of their yielding strength. This is two times more than that of annealed yield strength from the original austenitic stainless steels. As a result, Duplex and Super Duplex fasteners are the most usually used type of fasteners.



Duplex Fastener Types

Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Threaded Rods, Washers

Duplex Grades

Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507, Zero 100

2% Offset Yield Strength

0.2%- ksi 80 min

Ultimate Tensile Strength

ksi 116 min

1% Offset Yield Strength

0.2%- ksi 91 min

Hardness Rockwell C

32 max

Elongation in 2 inches

15% min

Super Duplex Fasteners
Super Duplex Fasteners
Super Duplex Fasteners

Impact Energy

74 min ft-lbs


12 mm to 72 mm diameter


Stainless Steel Grade A270, A470, A280, A480


7.8 g/cm3

Melting Point

1350 °C (2460 °F)

Tensile Strength Psi

116000, MPa – 800

Yield Strength

(0.2%Offset) Psi – 80000 , MPa – 550

On the other hand, Super Duplex Fasteners can work hot in 1875°F and 2250°F followed with a solution annealing at minimum 1925°F along with a rapid air or water quench. Also, use a solution anneal and quench when you want more than 10% of cold deformation forming. This works at 1925°F. Similarly, products that undergo heat treatment can also go through rinsing and pickling to increase their resistance quality. Super Duplex Fasteners from FittingCart boast the best weldability.

Applications of Super Duplex Fasteners

  • Another use of fasteners is for closing bags, boxes, envelopes or they may connect together the side of an opening of an elastic material like joining a link to a container, bread clips, etc.
  • Various categories of woodworking combinations or links use individual in-house buttress coatings, such as biscuits or dowels, which in a sense can be considered fasteners within the profit of the joint organization, though they themselves are not general purpose fasteners.
  • Furniture supplied in flat-pack form often uses cam dowels locked by cam locks, also known as conformal fasteners.
  • Widely used in chemical processing, power industry, petrochemicals, seawater equipment, processing plants for phosphoric, acetic and sulphuric.
  • Other useful areas are Pulp and paper processing, oil refinery, components in gas scrubbing plants, wiring, and desalination, etc.

First and foremost, duplex ad super duplex steel don’t deserve full exposure to temperatures below 570 degrees Fahrenheit as a result of which, the material may get embrittle. In addition to that, FittingCart also manufactures pipes, plates and Duplex 2507 is another product produced by FittingCart. The Duplex 2507 consists of 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel and is applicable in areas of chemical processing, seawater equipment, and petrochemical industries. Our Duplex Fasteners have unbelievable corrosion resistance property, huge thermal conduction, and less thermal expansion qualities. Reduction of the risk of carbide precipitation at grain boundaries during heat treatment can be by using low carbon content.


Aims of FittingCart

FittingCart aims at being first on the list of both product lines innovation and after sales servicing facilities. We intend to continuously upgrade our outputs and faculties to reach market desires and demands.

Why FittingCart?
  • Super Duplex Fasteners go through various tests like heat treatment, impact test, corrosion test, ferrite test, microstructure test, etc.
  • Heating duplex for a long time in high temperature may encourage Nitrides, Sigma, Carbides, etc. At this point, we use advanced technology to get the product out as soon as it heats perfectly.
  • Next is, solution annealing procedure which gives optimum air and water flow, hence making the treatment easier. The final process is of acid pickling.
  • Accredited as ASTM A193 Super Duplex Fasteners supplier in the industry.
  • Also, a NACE1 Certification, Mill Test Certification and ISO 17025 Standards by Indian government laboratories.
  • Huge stocker and super-fast

FittingCart also manufactures Inconel Fasteners, be that Inconels are austenitic nickel- chromium super alloys. These Inconels are handy in sectors of gas turbines, natural gas processing plants and nuclear reactors. Another product from FittingCart is Monel fasteners which are nickel-copper alloys and obviously have high strength and corrosion resistance.

Super Duplex Fasteners Packing, Marking & Shipping Policy

  • FittingCart packs its orders as per the international standards, i.e., within bundles of belts and then into containers.
  • Our delivery takes place within 7 days and as soon as possible when we have enough stock.
  • The packages delivery takes place in hexagonal wooden boxes and crates.
  • Wrapping of each bundle in plastic to secure in extreme weather and protection with end caps is a routine process.

FittingCart is a huge stocker of Super Duplex Fasteners with all the specifications that you can expect and demand. We deliver to all small and large fastener user industries from our well-equipped warehouse and storage faculty. FittingCart is the only name that comes to mind when it is about timely delivery, expert servicing, and all-in-all solutions. The Super Duplex Fasteners produced by us have twice the typical austenitic grade like 316.

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