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Threaded Pipe Fittings


A Threaded Pipe Fittings may be a pipe with screw-threaded ends for assembly. The threaded pipes employed in some plumbing installations for the delivery of gases or liquids besieged have a tapered thread that’s slightly conic (in distinction to the parallel sided cylindrical section usually found on bolts and lead screws). The seal provided by a threaded pipe joint depends upon multiple factors: a positive seal between the threads created by thread deformation once they square measure tightened to the correct torque; and typically on the presence of a waterproofing coating, like thread seal tape or a liquid or paste pipe sealer like pipe dope.
Tapered threaded pipe fittings joints generally don’t embody a seal. Particularly precise threads square measure called “dry fit” or “dry seal” and need no sealer for an air-tight seal. Such threads square measure required wherever the sealer would contaminate or react with the media within the piping, e.g., atomic number 8 service. Tapered threaded pipe fittings square measure typically used on plastic piping. As a result of the wedging result of the tapered thread, extreme care should be wont to avoid over tightening the joint.

Threaded Pipe Fittings

At FittingCart, we are overstressed feminine fitting could split days, weeks, or maybe years once initial installation. Thus several municipal plumbing codes prohibit the utilization of threaded pipe fittings. Each British commonplace and National pipe thread standards specify a thread taper of 1:16; the modification in diameter is one sixteenth the space traveled on the thread. The nominal diameter is achieved some little distance (the “gauge length”) from the top of the pipe.



ASME B16.39

Quality union for many installations

3⁄8 – two NPS (10 – fifty DN) – 300lb (136 kg)

Steam operating pressure at 450°F

3⁄8 – two NPS (10 – fifty DN) – 600lb (272 kg)

Cold water, gas, or pressure level – non-shock

Bronze Seat

On each side of the joint. Resists corrosion

True bearing surfaces

Contrast to normal union seats

Bodies and Cracked square measure

High take a look at air-refined malleable iron – typically superior to steel in most services


Insert and removed

Straight Approach Through

No cored components to carry liquid or sediment.

Threaded Pipe Fittings
Threaded Pipe Fittings
Threaded Pipe Fittings
Threaded Pipe Fittings

Additional Significant Shoulder

Swivel finish and within the nut to face pipe strains, vibration, and wrench abuse

Bronze Seat Ball Joint

Additional wide seating surfaces

All sizes taper a broach 3⁄4″ per foot

(62.5mm per meter) on diameter

End or Coating

Black, lordotic in rust resistant; galvanized, atomic number 30 plated (inside and out). For sizes one 1⁄4 (32 DN) and bigger


A trade mark, Seamless designation “SMLS”, Pipe schedule forty, 80, 160, XXS, Material designation, Heat range for traceability.


Made in accordance with ASTM specification A589

All sizes square measure recessed and taper a broach

3⁄4″ per foot on diameter

Types of Threaded Pipe Fittings

Straight threads

Pipes might also be threaded with cylindrical threaded sections, during which case the threads don’t themselves give any waterproofing operate aside from some labyrinth seal result, which cannot be enough to satisfy either useful or code necessities. Instead, associate O-ring seated between the shoulder of the male pipe section and an enclosed surface on the feminine, provides the seal.

NPT Thread

All fittings on this page are a unit threaded, area unit given NPT thread, ASME B1.20.1. The American National Pipe Thread Tapered, is that the best acknowledged and most generally used affiliation wherever the pipe thread provides each the mechanical joint and therefore the hydraulic seal. NPT includes a tapered male and feminine thread that seals with Teflon® tape or jointing compound.


Aims of FittingCart

Despite producing the best Threaded Pipe Fittings, we see to it that our surrounding environment doesn’t gets much disturb. We work for an overall development of our employees, customers, industry, society and country in all possible social and economic ways or methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages OF Threaded Fittings


  • Installation productivity is moderately high, and specialize
  • Installation talent necessities aren’t in depth.
  • Outpouring integrity is nice for non aggressive, low-temperature
  • Installations wherever vibration isn’t encounter.


  • Fast temperature changes could cause leaks as a result of differential thermal growth between the pipe and fittings.
  • Vibration may result in fatigue failures of screwed pipe joints as a result of the high stress intensification effects caused by the sharp notches at the bottom of the threads.
  • In risky piping systems avoid, threaded connections if attainable. Their vulnerability to fatigue harm is important, particularly wherever exposed threads square measure subject to corrosion.

Threaded joints in all probability represent the oldest methodology of connation piping systems. Like Socket Weld fittings, threaded fittings square measure chiefly used for little pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); typically for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS two or smaller.FittingCart manufactures the dimensional standards for taper pipe threads square measure given in ASME B1.20.1. That document offers all needed dimensions as well as variety of threads per in., pitch diameter, and traditional engagement lengths for all pipe diameters.Threaded piping is often useful in cheap, noncritical applications like domestic water, fireplace protection, and industrial cooling water systems. Threaded fittings square measure commonly product of solid grey or malleable iron, solid brass or bronze, or cast alloy and steel. They’re on the market in 3 pressure ratings: category 2000, 3000 and 6000.

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