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FittingCart may be a long serving knowledgeable supplier. Virtually each major project uses our merchandise. Additionally to the current, we provide special once sales service. Installation guide, product assurance letter, and marking assurance guarantee excellent use of the merchandise. Also, we tend to adhere to demanding producing commonplace as per ANSI B16.9 & ANSI B16.47 Dimensions. A unique methodology to hook up valves, pipes, pumps and different instrumentation to make a piping system may be a projection. Moreover, usage of Flange conjointly creates some way to examine, modify or clean the instrumentation. After we lock 2 flanges a flanged joint is born. This projection joint is once more sealed with a seal as an additional precaution to avoid run.


Types of Flange

According to ASME B16.5, numerous styles of flanges are- fastening Neck, Slip On, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, rib and Blind rim. Allow us to preview every.

Wear Rim

Slip on flange area unit joint with pipe with a pair of fillet welds with a wall thickness of quite three millimeter. The disadvantage of mistreatment wear rim is that a pipe has to be welded then you would like to try and do the fitting. Also, wear Flanges can’t be accustomed mix rim and elbow or rim and tee as a result of they are doing not have a straight finish.

Socket Fastening Rim

This kind of flanges was principally developed for usage on small-size aggressive pipes. Their electrical strength nearly same thereto of the wear despite the very fact that they need five hundredth additional fatigue strength compared to double welded wear flanges. Area should be there between rim and pipe and therefore the pipe has to be in reference to one fillet weld outside the rim. Area is beneficial to cut back the flowing pressure at the weld’s root.

Splice Rim

The dimensions of Lap joints area unit same because the different flanges. Although, they do not have any raised face as they’re during a usage of conjunction with a “lap Joint Stub End”. They’re nearly kind of like wear rim apart from the distinction of radius at the rim face. With less pressure-holding ability, they could be applicable the least bit pressures. However, they often slip over pipes once not welded. Despite all this, their solely benefits are- free enough to whirl the pipes, less contact with fluid during a pipe.

Rib Rim

These ones have the most advantage of attaching to pipe while not habitation. Though, we have a tendency to might use a seal weld in affiliation to a rib association. accessible} handy in very smaller pipes despite being available all told size and pressure ranges.

They area unit made while not a bore and are usually accustomed vacate the pipe endings, valve openings, etc. Blind rims area unit the extremely pressured flange sorts with a posture of lock loading. As there’s no meridian inner diameter, these flanges work dead for higher pressured-temperature applications. Actually, the one most used product within the trade is steel flanges. They comprise of seventieth of FittingCart sales. Even supposing it’s low price and largely accessible in prepared stock. Flanges area unit extremely effective for low budget and low-temperature applications. The appliance of black paint prevents corrosion to oxidization. Also, it falls underneath ASTM A105. The second most used product is chrome steel projection that includes of 100 percent of our take. Above all, Flanges area unit the foremost trustworthy material for normal use. And then area unit they dearer than steel and area unit accessible in Grade SS304 & SS316 with ASTM A182.Over the years, customers like flanges that have a extended period of time than steel flanges. However, they conjointly like merchandise that area unit less costly than chrome steel. Thus, have get recent demand steel Flanges. They supply associate degree intermediate route between engineer’s perplexity between project life and budget. Accessible in many grades like F1, F5, F9, F11, F22, F91. We have a tendency to at FittingCart supply wonderful valuation for steel flanges. Variant areas and subsea installations have dense salt water. If any of the higher than grades usages takes place, they’re going to fully corrode. Therefore reckoning on the Stalinization duplex 2205 and super duplex 2507 utilization of flanges happens. These grades focus on providing corrosion resistance because of their chemical composition. They’re dearer than the higher than grades underneath ASTM 182. Metallic element flanges offer for durable flanges and light-weight weight. ASTM is B381. For a less expensive product with lightweight weight, shoppers typically use atomic number 13 flanges.Often shoppers have specialized needs. The atmosphere is crucial and subject to high corrosion, high-temperature and acid attacks. In these cases, we propose shoppers use high nickel alloys like Monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy reckoning on their application. They’re terribly expensive however extremely effective because of their resistance. ASTM commonplace for an equivalent is B56.


At FittingCart we are able to meet numerous world dimensional standards like

  • American Standards – ASME, ANSI, AWWA
  • European Standards – linear unit
  • German Standards – DIN
  • Japanese Standards – JIS
  • British Standards – SB
  • Manufacturers Standardization Society – MSS SP
  • Russian Standards – GOST
  • South African Standards – SABS, SANS
  • Petroleum Standards – API

Flanges offer a mechanical support to a piping association. Fasteners and gaskets square measure its supporters. Flanges square measure obtainable in many faces like raised face, flat face, ring joint kind, male & feminine kind and tongue & groove kind. Their distribution is with hub style or while not hub style.At FittingCart finishing, the flanges is tailored to sleek, serrate or stock. Our production is capable of producing flanges as per actual commonplace specifications needed by shoppers. A strict protocol has been hunt for the incoming stuff to be mechanized. Our internal control engineers offer yardsticks at every stage of process. So FittingCart ensures that the ultimate product has no defects.
Our quality team follows ISO 9001:2008 Standards for internal control. we have a tendency to attempt to incorporate six letter into our production method. Numerous visual and dimensional tests inherit action when final production. Technical checks embrace spectra test, supersonic tests, and mechanical property check. It conjointly undergoes heat treatment to take care of the requisite hardness.We certify the product with our whole FittingCart for identification and usage. We offer 3d models of flanges and CAD styles for our shopper reference. Our customers typically demand fast interval.We have increased production facilities and pre-machined stock for traditional material and sizes. so we are able to provide nice delivery timings to shoppers. Contact your nearest FittingCart representative now!

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