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Lap Joint Flange


Lap Joint flange work as a joint between 2 items of metal whereby the items overlap while not dynamical its actual kind. These Lap Joint flange are a unit normally utilized in transition and woodwork applications. Also, the grain gluing surface of the Lap Joint flange provides you moderately best strength via a decent long grain surface. Hence, they’re straightforward and fast to create. Moreover, the shoulders of Lap Joint flange offer you superb resistance to wrenching and diagonal distortion and are a unit bolstered exploitation dowels or mechanical fasteners to avoid wood twisting.
The Lap Joint flange put on the pipe and are a unit sometimes applicable with stub finish fittings and for frequent activity. Generally, a pipe is welded to the stub finish which supplies the Lap Joint flange full freedom to rotate round the stub finish. Ultimately, the most advantage of this can be that there won’t be any regarding problems concerning the bolt hole alignment. However, put on flanges having size quite twenty four is factory-made as lap joint flange.

lap joint flange

FittingCart manufactures Lap Joint flange in numerous material grades like carbon Lap Joint flanges, stainless-steel Lap Joint rims and alloy Lap Joint flange. Within the in the meantime, with custom Lap Joint flange as per customers specifications, FittingCart has huge stock of Lap Joint flange keep and preserved in its warehouse able to ship anytime and anyplace.



Sizes Range

1/2″ to 64″ (and a lot of larger size consistent with customers’ demands).


Steel, chrome steel and steel


Steel and steel with yellow print, black print, oil or metallic element


Starting from ten through eighty, (schedule forty ERW standard) with length 20′-0″

Price Additional Pairing

Ductile iron, galvanized or unsullied special order, resistivity welded, Process: free shaping, plate cutting


ASTM A-587, A-53 or A-106, ANSI B 16.42, or B 16.5, ANSI ductile iron flanges, ASTM A-395 or A-536

Lap Joint Flange
Lap Joint Flange

Plastic Linings

Seamless and consistent materials


Lining are halved, ground swish and welded to 1/8″ R min


Non damaging electricity spark check, corrosion electric resistance tests, etc




In wood cases, wood pallets or as per customers’ special demand, customary Export Package

Weight and standard dimensions.

  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 category a hundred and fifty LJ
  • ANSI/ASME B16.5 category 600 LJ
  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 category three hundred LJ
  • ANSI/ASME B16.5 category 1500 LJ
  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 category 900 LJ
  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 category 2500 LJ

Even though, lap joint flange don’t consist of a raised face, all of them have common dimensions similar to the other rim and hence, they’re employed in distinction with a “Lap Joint Stub End”. However, they’re similar in appearance similar to assume flanges, the sole exception is that the radius at the intersection of rim face and another is that the bore that is to accommodate the flanged portion of the stub finish. Even so, the pressure holding capability of Lap Joint flange is superb and also the fatigue life for aggregation is nice too. Hence, FittingCart has Lap Joint flanges altogether size ranges, the least bit size pressures.

Advantages of Lap Joint Flange

  • Swiveling round the pipe helps in facilitating the liner of the opposing projection bolt holes.
  • Because the fluid is a smaller amount in reality with the pipe, this bit by bit permits a budget steel flanges usage with the anti-corrosive pipes.
  • Lap joints will be salvage for apply in quickly geologic process plant systems.
  • Lap joint flange have the liberty to swivel round the pipe. This facilitates the liner of opposing projection bolt holes.
  • Lack of contact with the fluid within the pipe ends up in the bigger sturdiness of those flanges.
  • In piping systems that corrode or erode quickly, the Lap Joint flanges is also salvage for re-use.
  • The pressure-holding capability of Lap Joint flanges is less. However it’s higher than that of article of clothing flanges.
  • The lap joint works as a backing ring on the stub.
  • The most advantage of Lap Joint flange is that the bolt holes will be align with the matching projection when the welds square measure complete.
  • They permit movement alignment capability.

Parts of a Lap Joint Flange

Basically, there square measure 2 elements of a Lap Joint. The primary half is that the stub-end that features a short pipe form with a weld bevel at one facet and a parallel shoulder at the opposite facet that is that the hub. The regular hub features a thickness of ¼ to 3/8. The rear facet of a hub consists of a spherical inner fillet that connects the sleeve and hub along. The second a part of Lap Joint flange is that the backing projection that has O.D., bolt circle, bolt hole size, etc. of same standard dimensions.Anyhow, this half doesn’t features a raised face however at the backside there’s a small shoulder that features a sq. formed cut at the middle hole f the pipe. Whereas at the front you have got flat face associate degreed an outer fillet is gift at the middle hole that matches with the stub ends fillet.The projection of the Lap Joint gathering moves on to the stub finish before the sleeve is weld to the adjacent pipe fitting. The projection itself doesn’t go any fixing or attachment anyhow. Hence, it’s absolve to revolve for good alignment to World Health Organization it’s connecting more. For this reason of getting 2 elements, the Lap Joint flange provides you budget friendly work.


Key options of Lap Joint Flange
  • Used with an identical stub-end insert
  • Counseled in applications that need periodic ever-changing of the flanges and pipe
  • Lap Joint flange has the flexibility to rotate which allows a simple alignment of bolt holes
  • Not counseled in extreme pressure temperature applications
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