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Stainless Steel Flange


Stainless steel flange may be a steel alloy flange that consists ten.5% of metallic element content. As we all know Stainless Steel flange are created with Associate in nursing intention to affix pipe sections to a full plant system like pressure valve, vessel or pump. Well, chrome Stainless Steel flange are wide used for they provide the foremost wonderful resistance to corrosion. Majorly helpful in cutlery and food handling applications, untainted doesn’t rusts or stains as traditional regular steel. Anyhow, chrome steel isn’t utterly dependable in high saline or low atomic number 8 environments.
FittingCart produces chrome Stainless steel flange with category ratings in sizes DN fifteen (NPS ½”) through DN four hundred (NPS 16”). Conjointly massive steel flange starting from DN 1500 (NPS 60”) to category 2500 are out there. Our normal stocks embody 304L and 316L chrome Stainless steel flange. FittingCart conjointly manufactures Cr-Mo, nickel alloys, temperature alloys and duplex grades. Together with this, our supplementary things embody material certificates that consistent with the quality levels.

stainless steel flange


Stainless-Steel Listed

304/304L & 316/316L


TP304/304L, 304H, TP316/316L, 316Ti, TP317/317L, TP321/321H, TP347/347H, S31260, S31500,S31803, S32550, S32750, S32760


1/2″ TO 36″ [10MM TO 900 MM]

Stainless Steel Flange
Stainless Steel Flange
Stainless Steel Flange



Pressure Category

One hundred fifty, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500


Eighteen,000 tons every year

Why buy from FittingCart?

  • factory-made from pflangee quality materials
  • Non-corrosive
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • economic performance
  • Dimensional accuracy

Applications of Stainless Steel Flange

  • Atomic power Plants
  • Oil & Gas industries
  • Organic compound & works
  • Chemical & plant food
  • Powerhouse & pipeline engineering
  • Mechanical & plant engineering
  • Marine trade and waste water management
  • Chemical industry and power industry and part
  • Food process trade and lots of additional.
  • Instrumentation producing and Mining, Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Steel and atomic number 13 producing
  • Utilities and Transportation and Industrial Construction.

FittingCart manufactures stainless steel flange with a size vary from ½” to 40”. Our in-house heat operation search and absolutely provided with laboratory square measure the bonus points for North American nation to make sure that our merchandise square measure of top quality. Numerous alternative basic flange sorts like weld neck flange, blind flange, wear flange, rib flange, socket weld flange, passage flange, splice flange, etc. square measure factory-made at FittingCart. Moreover, FittingCart additionally produces alternative flange like plate flange, stub finish flange, backup flange, beveled flange and reducing flange, etc. The stainless steel flange factory-made by hydro square measure sturdy Associate in Nursing have an exemplary finishing quality with zero defects and high.

Types of Stainless Steel Flange

  • Austenitic steel flange
    Also referred to as two hundred or three hundred series, unsullied steels have a pflangeary solid solution crystalline structure that really could be an isometric crystal having face center structure. There are a unit over seventieth of pflangeary solid solution steel out of the complete stainless-steel production. There is 0.15% carbon, Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire atomic number 24 and enough.
  • Two hundred series flange
    These area unit pflangeary solid solution atomic number 24 nickel atomic number 25 alloys. Another kind 201, could be an exhausting one that is because of cold operating. Kind 202 is that the regular stainless-steel flange. The corrosive resistant property of stainless-steel gets weak once nickel content is a smaller amount and atomic number 25 content is a lot of.
  • Three hundred Series flange
    Another wide used pflangeary solid solution steel is three hundred, 304 that is additionally referred to as 18/8 for its eighteen atomic number 24 matter and eight nickel matter in it. This can be conjointly referred as A2 unsullied and therefore the next wide used pflangeary solid solution steel is 316 grade.
  • Ferritic unsullied steels flange
    Ferritic unsullied steels have abundant higher mechanical properties than steel. However, they need less corrosion resistant property and also are low-cost in value. Ferritic stainless-steel incorporates an isometric crystal body center system that has ten.5%-27% of atomic number 24 and fewer alloy matter.
  • Martensitic unsullied steels flange
    Despite being anti-corrosive, martensitic unsullied steels area unit very powerful and powerful and extremely mechanized. They will be created tougher by heat treatment. These style of steels have 12-14% of atomic number 24, 0.2-1% of metal and a couple of nickel.


Stainless Steel Flange According To ASTM/ASME
  • Pflangeary solid solution untainted steels: ASTM 304/304L and ASTM 316/316L (dual marked and certified)
  • Duplex untainted steel: SAF 2205 / UNS S31803 / nut one.4462
  • Super-duplex untainted steel: SAF 2507 / UNS S32750 / nut one.4410
  • Certified in step with nut 10204/3.1.

FittingCart’s stainless-steel flange is establish with the tiny burr edge they need. Also, they need a premier end of stainless-steel flange and a v form that is ideal for fabrication and attachment. These are wide applicable in oil and gas industries. numerous different kinds of Flange like SORF, SWRF, WNRF, BLRF, Reducing, Spectacle, Thread and custom flange as per International normal levels like ASTM, BS, IS etc. as per ASA, DIN Table etc. are manufacture here. We have a tendency to additionally offer our customers with Manufacturer take a look at Certificate & IBR take a look at Certificate.FittingCart additionally manufactures different stainless-steel flange grades like F304 stainless-steel rib flange, F304 stainless-steel socket weld flange, F304 stainless-steel weld neck flange, F304 stainless-steel assume flange, F304 stainless-steel blind flange, F304 stainless-steel splice flange, F304 stainless-steel plate flange. At our warehouse and storage facility, we’ve got stainless-steel Eccentric Reducers, stainless-steel Elbow, stainless-steel Reducer, stainless-steel concentric Reducers, stainless-steel 3D Elbow, stainless-steel 5D Elbow, stainless-steel Tee, stainless-steel Cross, stainless-steel Elbows – Long Radius, stainless-steel Elbows – Short Radius, stainless-steel 90° Elbows, stainless-steel 45° Elbows, stainless-steel Stub Ends and stainless-steel Pipe Bends equipped for imperative cargo orders.

API vs. ASME/ANSI Standards

To begin with, let’s clear the misperception among API and ASME/ANSI standards. The flange that meet API customaries have material distinction that handle aggressive with people who have ASME/ANSI standard flange. To be specific, API customary flange are additional effectively utilized in gas and oil industries. Whereas, ASME/ANSI standards are additional common whereas operating with air, water and steam at industrial areas.

Aims of FittingCart

FittingCart works with associate degree aim to provide the simplest ever stainless-steel flange. We tend to aim at producing a lot of quantity of output and shipping them worldwide, so not solely satisfying our native customers however conjointly our foreign friends.

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