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Stub Ends Flange


Stub End Flange area unit replaced to welded flange after you have to be compelled to rotate the backup flange. They’re conjointly referred to as Vanstone increasing Laps. Stub End flange is often applicable with a joint flange. This works as backing flange and is helpful in nonaggressive and unfussy applications. Anyways, this is often the most affordable manner of flanging. FittingCart manufactures stub ends all told pipe diameters with dimensional tolerances that area unit in ASME B.16.9 commonplace levels. MSS SP43 defines light-weight corrosion resistant Stub End Flange.
The installation of stub end flange is mostly in pairs and joint along exploitation 2 joint flange. There’s a shorthand indented outer covering on the surface of stub ends that helps in avoiding escape at joint. Exploitation stub ends, you’ll be able to clean check or substitute pipe systems while not truly re-welding them. There are a unit 2 basic commonplace sorts of stub ends that area unit A.S.A Long Barrel and M.S.S Short Barrel.

stub end flange

The A.S.A Long Barrel stub ends area unit helpful specific draft proof like temperature or pressure etc. wherever it’s not possible to possess joint among stub finish and pipe nearer to flange joint. The M.S.S short barrel is employed in flange industries with regular flat face joint flange. The lap thickness of the schedule pipe and stub finish depends ought to dead match and therefore the outer base should have a serpentine machine radius that helps the joint flange to brother level the stub ends. FittingCart manufactures the foremost appropriate to your application Stub end flange.




Carbon steel (ASTM A hundred and five and A 181), chrome steel (ASTM A 182 and A 240), steel (ASTM A 182 and GR F1, F11, F22, F5, F9, F91).


Super Duplex chrome steel UNS S32750, F 304, 304L, 304H, 317, 347, 347H, , 316, 316L, 316Ti, 904L, Duplex chrome steel UNS S31803.

Nickel Alloys

Monel four hundred & five hundred, Inconel 600 & 625, Incolloy 800, 825, Hastelloy C22, C276

Copper Alloys

Copper, Brass & Bronze

Stub End Flange
Stub End Flange
Stub End Flange


1/8″ NB TO 48″NB


900#, 1500# & 2500#, ANSI B16.5 category a hundred and fifty, ANSI B16.5 category three hundred, ANSI B16.5 category 600, ANSI B16.5 category 900, ANSI B16.5 category 1500, ANSI B16.5 category 2500


ANSI, ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47, DIN2566, DIN2573, DIN2642, DIN2655, DIN2576, DIN2641, DIN2632, DIN2633, DIN2634, DIN2635, DIN2628, DIN2629, DIN2638, DIN2673

Working of Stub Ends Flange

The backup surface of a stub finish consists of associate degree opposite rotating backup flange. Further, once you add bolts, the bolts clamping action presses the rotating backup flange against the stub end’s back. This ends up in the seal surface of tube press against a seal and so another seal surface supply joints like customary flange joints. This seal is created by the seal surface of the stub finish alone whereas the flange simply offers the clamping pressure to the joint.Stub ends are wide used for they are manufactured from such raw materials that are appropriate with the designed piping plant systems. Moreover, stub ends is created victimization low cost raw materials because it is rarely connected with the method fluid.


Aim of FittingCart

FittingCart works with a cause to form the simplest Stub Ends flange out there within the world. We have a tendency to see to that that each one our process is harmonious with property development management and additionally the staff become skilled whereas operating with North American country. With our advance technology, we glance forward to reinforce the economic and social growth of our business further because the country.

Types of Stub Ends Flange

The producing method of stub ends flange involves of 2 ways in which. Type A and B Stub Ends are designed identical as that of cast fittings like elbows and flange. Kind C Stub Ends are created in keeping with the required pipe dimensions. There 2 customary lengths of stub ends that are MSS and ANSI. They’re typically furnished with a typical weld bevel.

  • Type A Stub Ends flange
    Here the lap thickness is bigger than the minimum thickness of the pipe wall. The outer corner of kind “A” is radioed to regulate the splice Flange because the inner corner is in square. However, the Lap face is typically machine saw-toothed.
  • B Stub Ends flange
    These are used notably with customary vesture flange that act a splice Flange. Even here, the lap thickness is bigger than the minimum thickness of pipe wall. Anyhow, here the outer corner radius is tiny therefore this helps to regulate the vesture flange that are briefly used because the backup flange. Also, the inner corner is sq. once more. And a machine saw-toothed lap face is gift.
  • Kind C Stub Ends flange
    Generally applicable for usage with customary splice flange and put on flange, the lap of a kind “C” is increasing higher than that leaves behind a position that is spherical in form at the inner lap diameter. However, you’ll be able to flip this into sq. as and once required. This kind “C” once more has short outer fillet radius that helps in adjusting any backup flange. Interestingly enough, the lap face in kind “C” isn’t machined however is sleek enough.
  • Kind “CS” Stub Ends flange
    Much kind of like kind “C”, metal Stub ends flange encompasses a lap face with concentrically serrations that are supplemented throughout the producing or creating method.
Applications of Stub Ends Flange
  • Refineries and Fertilizers
  • Chemical and organic compound
  • Oil & Gas and Paper Pulp
  • Powerhouse and atomic power
  • Breweries and Cement industries
  • Mining and Construction
  • Sugar and Oil Mills and building and manufacturing plant
  • Offshore and Defense and Ports and Railways
  • Government Organizations and Engineering corporations.

FittingCart has staff with years of expertise in producing stub ends flange. Further, all our merchandise undergo sturdiness, preciseness and accuracy checks to verify and test if every and each output stands up to the mark. We tend to provide a regular weld bevel at the side of the stub ends and square measure in numerous shapes like flanged, squared, and rib with Victaulic ends. Superb value rates square measure offered for our stub ends within the market.

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