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Stainless Steel Pipes


FittingCart could be a well-known manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel Pipes. We have a tendency to turn out our steel pipes victimization completely different sizes, grades, materials, and finishing metric sizes or inches. Moreover, we tend to additionally own a stock of fasteners and kinds of stainless steel pipes like steel, nickel alloy- F467 atomic number 28 metallic element four hundred (Monel) and marketing 18-8/304, 316 stainless-steel.
Stainless steel, as we know, are alloys of iron and atomic number 24 of eleven.5%. The atomic number 24 in steel adds to forming a protecting self- healing compound film that makes the steel proof against corrosion. No doubt, unstained will not consume rust or stain in real time with water because the normal steel does. However, the mixture should preserve in distinguished judgments and surface finishing’s.
Stainless steel Pipes are usually won’t to mount and link the merchandise. On the opposite hand, they’re unremarkably wont to akin tube runs for multi-porting from one conduit section to alternative. Therefore, their applications are in areas of outpouring or breaks in flow pipelines to transfer gasses or liquids. Ultimately, stainless steel pipes are capable of bearing immense weight and stress.

Stainless Steel Pipes


Stainless steel pipes have a novel crowning glory and area unit confine to long life, immense strain and no defects. For excellent fastening, we’ve got formed formation and fittings area unit fancied to be used in mega comes in oil and gas trade. Also, FittingCart ensures quick delivery and that we even have exceptional warehouse and storage school for finished stocks.

Kind or Shape

Elbow, Bend, Reducer, Tee, Cap, Nipple, Stub end, Cross, Union, Socket, Coupling, Plug, Weld olet, Thread olet, Nipolet, Elbow olet, etc.

Vary of Pipe Fittings

1/8” NB- 48” NB

Schedules of Pipe Fittings

5s, 40s, 10s, 80s, 10, 40, 20, STD, 80, 60, XS, 120, 100, 160, 140, XXS with NACE certification

Kinds of Pipe Fittings

fancied, Seamless and Welded


Vary DN6 – DN600

Stainless Steel Pipes
Stainless Steel Pipes
Stainless Steel Pipes


304/304L, 316/316L, 2205

Wall Thickness

Sch 10S, the 40s, 80S


Butt weld, Screwed & socket, Flanges


Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Stub ends, Flanges (ANSI, Table E & Table D)

Packaging and delivery area unit seen a lot of strictly. FittingCart packs stainless-steel pipes within the woody grooved box with finished caps (as per request) and wrapped in plastic and bubble foils

Types of Stainless Steel Pipes

  • Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Welded Stainless Steel Pipes

Grades of Steel Pipes

  • Carbon Steel Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Monel Pipes
  • Inconel Pipes
  • Hastelloy Pipes
  • Duplex Pipes
  • Super Duplex Pipes


Why FittingCart?

Products from FittingCart bear IBR take a look at Certificate beneath Third Party review. We work to conjointly provide papers of NACE three.1 Certification, Mill Certification, and ISO 17025 normal certificate as approved by Government of Asian country. You’ll continuously trust our quickest and safest delivery of product. Additionally to it, we have a tendency to conjointly manufacture product in step with the specifications as demanded by customers

Aims of FittingCart

FittingCart aims at providing its staff to create permanent commitments towards the work they are doing. We have a tendency to conjointly foresee to coach and develop their skills which is able to enhance them to being accountable and have a spiritual cooperation. Additionally to it, we have a tendency to area unit trying to possess a property development trade that contributes to the expansion of nature, trade and its economy.

Composition of Stainless Steel Pipes made by FittingCart

The most unremarkably made and used common grade is kind 304 that is that the Classic 18/ eight whereby Cr is eighteen and nickel is 8 May 1945 of the stainless-steel. Presently, the mechanical properties of stainless-steel have a lastingness (MPa), Yield Strength zero.2% Proof (MPa) and Elongation in (% in 50mm).The 304H stainless-steel pipes have a grain size of ASTM No 7 or coarser. The physical properties of the steel pipes incorporates a density of (kg/m3), modulus of elasticity (GPa), Mean constant of Thermal growth (m/m/°C). Moreover, they need a Thermal physical phenomenon (W/m.K), heat 0-100°C (J/kg.K), Electrical impedance (n.m).Type 318 is far advance once it involves protective materials from indentation as compared to different chromium-nickel alloys. Another, kind 318 has a pair of to three metallic element and is too applicable at acids, sulphur water, brine or group salts. Another kind 316 of stainless-steel is applicable in sulphite paper factories and is handy in producing manufacturing plant experimental equipment and medium ingredients. Moreover, kind 316L consist a high matter of zero.03% and is applicable in welded congregations.FittingCart conjointly manufactures DIN/ISO A2 stainless-steel that is very immune to corrosion particularly ASTM-304. Moreover, the ASTM-304 incorporates a science content of eighteen Cr and eight nickel. However, this conjointly incorporates a lastingness of 700 N/mm2 and is sometimes non-magnetic. All things thought of, you’ll introduce some residual magnetism by cold operating the fabric.Stainless steel is in severe demand for wonderful corrosion resistant quality, sanitary materials, strict ductile strength, handy fabrication, simple to keep up, long lasting sturdiness with reclaimable quality. Also, stainless-steel is vastly in demand in sectors of the development trade, oil and gas refineries, marine, chemical plants, etc. They’re conjointly applicable in nuclear and warmth treatment, construction, fertilizers and petrochemicals plants, sugar mills, food and pharmaceutical trade, organic compound and automotive trade, medical field, etc. Moreover, stainless-steel wants no paint or coating or treatment, therefore being pocket-friendly.

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