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FittingCart could be a worldwide Brass tube Fittings manufacturer and provider. Every output made by FittingCart matches up to the quality levels. At FittingCart we tend to work to supply the simplest quality merchandise, have bold costs, and glorious client service. Moreover, we tend to turn out Brass tube fittings not solely consistent with standard-sized fittings however additionally to your fixed prints. Additionally thereto, we tend to additionally make sure that the delivery takes place on time and in befittingly pre-packed manner.
Brass is essentially associate alloy of copper and metal. Brass tube fittings are applicable to use after you got to connect runs of conduit to alternative tube openings. Completely different ranges of brass having different properties may be created victimization variations within the quantitative relation of copper and metal intermixture. At identical time, Brass is helpful for ornamental reasons because it has the gold-like look, for usage in low friction areas like gears, locks, doorknobs, bearings, etc. Moreover, Brass is additionally helpful in plumbing and electrical appliances and also in zippers. It’s helpful in areas wherever sparks got to be avoided.

brass tube fittings

With 70plus years of knowledgeable producing of brass tube fittings, FittingCart has additionally achieved production in valves and pipe nipples, nonleaded brass fittings, brass forgings, rods, and castings etc. With our advancement in transport facility, we tend to additionally provide same day shipping facility. Meanwhile, we tend to additionally turn out alternative merchandise like Brass Tube Fittings, Brass Flare Fittings, brass hose fittings, brass hygienic components, brass valve fittings, brass anchor fittings, etc.




6.00 metric linear unit OD up to 250 metric linear unit OD (outside)


Go up to 12” NB and OD Size Steel Tubes out there


3mm – fifty metric linear unit


ERW / seamless/ Welded / CDW/ fictional


Spherical, rectangular, Square, spiraling Tubes, “U” Shape, Hydraulic Tubes


Single and Double Random

Needed Length finish

Plain or Beveled End, Threaded

Finishing Protection

Plastic Caps

Outside Finish

2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror end and additionally as per client demands


ASTM A815, ASME reserves 815, ASTM A182, ASME reserves 182


½” to 24″NB in Sch 10S, the 40s, 80S, 160s, XXS


ANSI/ASME B16.9, B16.28, MSS-SP-43

Types of Brass Tube Fittings

On the premise of association sort, we’ve got compressed fittings, bite-type fittings, mechanical grip fittings, flare fittings, end fittings, flange fittings, and threaded fittings.

  • Compression Fittings:
    These connect tubes victimization compression on a seal, collet or ring. You would like to tighten the nut onto the fitting over the conduit and collet, therefore fixedly press the conduit within. Commonplace compression fitting want no tools to rearrange them, ultimately creating them handy to use and install. On the opposite hand, they’re not a lot of compatible with handling an excessive amount of pressure and are also not as versatile as soldered fittings that as a consequence reduces their use just in case of thermal plants and vibrators.
  • Bite-type fittings:
    Bite-type is nerve-wracking fittings having sharp collet that “bites” the tube on press it and conjointly offer a seal. These too do not want extra tools to mend them, therefore are unit straightforward to put in and may conjointly handle tremendous force.

  • Mechanical grip fitting:
    These are unit primarily two-ferrule arrangements whereby the rear collet tightly holds the conduit once ironed against the front collet, ultimately resulting in spring-load the front collet. This creates a link between the conduit and fitting body. Moreover, they’ll even be re-arranged as again and again as you would like while not damaging the conduit. Above all, they’re excellent resistance to mechanical vibration.
  • Flare fittings and End fittings:
    Flare fittings have a coned or flaring ending. To put in flare fittings, you would like special tools. Little question they’ll handle higher pressures and have a large vary of operative parameters. Finish fittings provide explicit surfaces for connecting tubes.
  • Flange fittings and Threaded fittings:
    Flange fittings consist openings with flat surfaces within the horizon to the connected tube. These surfaces are unit connected and tightly fastened victimization bolts, clamps, and attachment. Threaded fittings include integral screw threads or grooves within their surfaces.FittingCart has warehouse which consists of ready to ship Brass Tube Fittings which lets our customers reach out and order from us anytime and anywhere. Long and categorical shipping is accessible for pressing orders.


Applications of Brass Tube Fittings
  • Plumbing: rust resistance, rigid and strength.
  • Automobiles: bollock adapters, brakes, piping valves, freezer fittings.
  • Hydraulic: transferring liquids or fluids.
  • Pneumatic: transfer of gasses or vapor.

Be it bushings or couplings or brass toilet or valves or tube fittings, FittingCart is compatible to supply all of those with its advance technology and good workers. Our shipment is worldwide with timely delivery at your residence or additionally directly at your plant.

  • Fittings that extend tube lengths.
    Fittings like Adapters connect 2 dissimilar tubes to every different. Also, coupling joins 2 similar tubes and Sleeve connects 2 tubes to every different victimization fasteners. What is more, Union couplings will separate 2 tubes. On the opposite hand, Cap and plug covers and closes off the top of tube severally through welded or threaded affiliation.
  • Tube Fittings that amendment directions:
    Elbow fittings amendment directions of tube to numerous angles and Tee fittings connect 3 costs of tube forming a T-figure intersection. Wye fittings connect 3 items of tube in an exceedingly Y form figure that leads in combining or rending flow with less impedance. Cross fittings are available in four-way connectors that have literally 3 retailers and one body of water. Of course, crosses are quicker than tees however they need less impedance.
  • Brass Tube Fittings that connect little tubes:
    Reducer fittings join various tubes of different size and Olet fittings are those that joint once ample tees or crosses don’t seem to be on the market.
  • Fittings that provide special connections:
    Nipples can connect 2 separate fittings at every finish. Male threads are available in every standard nipple level. Barb fittings work helpful to attach a versatile hose to a barbed tube with tapered stub and ridges within the hose. Moreover, valves connect tube victimization another valve.

With our constant growth at sales and production, success is on our facet. We tend to believe is winning customer’s trust by providing supreme quality merchandise. Remain our web site to understand a lot of concerning our different merchandise.

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